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The Realities of Renting Out Your Home for Shoots: A First-Time Experience

Updated: May 25, 2023


Renting out your home for shoots can be an enticing prospect, particularly when looking to generate additional passive income. In today's expensive housing market, it's no wonder that many couples, like my husband and me, choose to leverage their homes for commercial shoots. Our Scandinavian-themed abode was designed with this purpose in mind, aiming for a neutral and versatile backdrop that appeals to stylists and creatives alike.

Our excitement soared when we received our first shoot request, anticipating an effortless way to earn approximately $1,000 by simply staying out of the crew's way for 8 to 10 hours. It seemed like a dream come true. However, as we quickly discovered, the reality of renting out our home for shoots brought a mix of surprises and challenges we were not fully prepared for.

The Unexpected Intrusion:

On the day of the shoot, we were greeted by an army of approximately 30 strangers, bustling around our meticulously renovated space. Instantly, my heart raced with anxiety. The crew swiftly set up their equipment and filled the rooms with an abundance of props. As the hours dragged on, I found myself confined to our master bedroom, venturing downstairs only for meal deliveries, which further added to the chaos and disarray.

The Toll on Sanity and Mental Health:

With the shoot progressing, my enthusiasm quickly waned. Intrusive disruptions, including furniture rearrangements and crew members occupying various areas of our home, made me feel like a guest in my own sanctuary. I yearned for the shoot to conclude, eagerly anticipating the handover. However, to my dismay, they requested an extension, extending my mental and emotional exhaustion.

The Aftermath and Lessons Learned:

Finally, when the shoot came to a close, one of the crew members nervously approached me, expressing regret over breaking a small decorative vase during the production. While part of me wanted to express my frustration, I was too mentally drained to engage in conflict. Although the house was largely restored, my perfectionist tendencies noticed the slightest imperfections, like a misplaced plant or a side table askew.

Reflecting on the experience, I initially vowed never to undertake another shoot, prioritizing my sanity and mental well-being. However, my husband wisely reminded me that this was merely our first foray into this realm. He acknowledged my concerns and assured me that implementing specific rules and finding a management approach that works for us would alleviate the stress in future endeavors.

Why We're Starting This Blog:

This blog serves a purpose greater than our personal experiences.

We aim to share the realities, both positive and challenging, of renting out homes for shoots. Our hope is to raise awareness among creative professionals, encouraging them to treat residential spaces with care and respect, distinguishing them from commercial studios. Additionally, we aim to validate the concerns and emotions of homeowners who have shared similar sentiments, offering tips and insights gained along our journey.

Join us as we embark on this venture, sharing the pains and gains of renting out your home for shoots, while fostering a greater understanding between homeowners and the creative industry.


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